Saturday, February 6, 2016

Die Storage Organization

I've tried so many different ways of storing Dies. This one has been working out wonderfully for me so I thought I would share how I made them. This was also part of the getting organized class I did through This one gave me some trouble finding something that worked well. I tried magnet books, magnet boards, in a drawer..etc. This is what I have settled on and I love it!

 The larger shape dies, circles, squares, ovals etc. are easy to hang. I didn't want to put a lot of nails or tacks in the walls so I decided to make two cork boards. These are made out of frames I had around that I hadn't used. I cut foam board for the backing, two sheets glued together for each frame using white glue.  I then glued the cork on top of each of the squared foam boards. From here I glued these to the back of the frame. I kept the frames unpainted and added some decorative chipboard to the corners.
I needed a tack that could hold a lot of dies. I found these curved hook tacks on Amazon fairly cheap with quite a bit in a package. They were perfect for holding a lot of dies on one hook. They're about a half inch deep. They worked beautifully. I like this method because I'm able to see and find what I need quickly.

For my detailed or intricate dies I had these plastic boxes (in the above pic) with dividers from Close To My Heart. It's one of their storage boxes for stamps. I don't use these for stamp storage so I found that cutting out the die shape and putting it onto a 6x6 envelope makes for easy finding and keeps them organized. Many of the die cuts you buy nowadays have their own envelope with photos on those so my new Tim Holtz dies I am able to keep as is and just file them in here as is. The one box I'm using (I have 2) isn't full yet. Currently its holding 15 sets of dies with room for about 3-5 more envelopes depending on the die count in each set. 

I don't see me buying too many more shapes. Intricate ones, yes, but the shapes I have are pretty much the major ones I use. I have so much on my Cricut that I don't collect too many of these. But for those of you with a lot more and the dies are your go to items I would suggest a large metal or plastic peg board. This was the other idea I had but decided to use the items I had around. I did find some fairly large and not too heavy peg boards in several colors online and the hooks you can find inexpensive if you do a good search in your area. Sometimes those can get pricey. 

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